D-BIZ Anti-Epidemic Fund 

Digital Business Transformation (D-Biz)

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ERP Implementation

To support enterprises to continue their business and services through adoption of IT solutions during the epidemic, the Innovation and Technology Bureau announced that under the second round of  Anti-Epidemic Fund, "Distance Business Programme" (D-Biz)  will be launched in May. 

D-biz Highlights

  • 6-month Programme with a funding size of HK$ 500million

  • Fund enterprises to configure remote business technology systems and related training costs

  • Maximum funding for each application: HK$ 100,000

  • Cumulative funding limit for each company: HK$ 300,000

  • Application Result is expected to be notified within 10 days at the earliest

Funding Scope

Application Procedures

Step 1: Develop your business transformation plan and find IT & E-Marketing assistance

Step 3: Application assess by HKPC and  announce the result in 10 days at the earliest

Step 5: Transform & upgrade your business with innovation technologies !

Step 2: Write Proposal & Submit Application

Step 4: Get 30% of the Approved Fund


Purchase software and hardware

  • Cybersecurity

  • Website Design Software

  • Microsoft Team / Office 365

  • Google G-Suite / Meet

  • Programming Software

  • Online Payment System

  • Remote Document Management



  • Mobile Apps

  • Digital Marketing

  • Online Stores Set-up

 team management

  • Webinar

  • Virtual meeting

  • Remote Team Management

  • Related Training Cost


Documents Required for application

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate ;

  • Copies of documentary evidence proving that the applicant has substantive business operations in HK which is related to the project (e.g: invoices / receipts of commercial contracts issued within 3 months before submitting application, the latest audited account, profits tax returns & taxation assessment) ;

  • Copies of the documentary evidence showing employees' information (e.g: MPF records or salary payment records...etc) ;

  • Bank Statement showing bank account holder's name and number (holder should be either be the applicant company / shareholder of the applicant company) ;

  • Copy(ies) of the valid HKID or passport of all relevant individuals holding >30% of ownership in the applicant ;

  • If the applicant is held by corporate shareholder(s): copy(ies) of the latest Annual Return of the Companies Registry (Form NAR1) or relevant documents of corporate shareholder(s) showing the ultimate level of natural person(s) as shareholder(s) of the applicant

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